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Episodes: listen now

The Word's Most Expensive Cup of TeaTea Fascination - Ep 1
00:00 / 32:29
Tasseography - The Art of Reading Tea LeavesTea Fascination - Ep 2
00:00 / 30:39
Join us for Afternoon TeaTea Facination - Ep 3
00:00 / 50:48
From Leaf to Cup -US Grown TeaTea Fascination Ep 4
00:00 / 46:48
Cont. From Leaf to Cup - + Tea EstatesTea Fascination Ep 5
00:00 / 21:29
The Great Mississippi Tea Co.Tea Fascination Ep 6
00:00 / 39:01

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About our Sponsor


Biron Teas are organic artisan teas, made and mixed in small batches.  Their proprietary formulas are designed for holistic wellness without sacrificing taste, so you get all the benefits of the herbs and full leaf tea leaves with amazing flavors. Flavors like Southern Pecan, Peachberry, Magnolia, and Peach Blossom bring southern scents right to your mug. 

Their organic blends  are packaged in biodegradeable pyramid tea bags, so you know you are getting the finest herbs and teas out there without any extra chemicals. 

Their herbal formulas are designed to aid you on many different levels: from top to bottom and from inside to outside. While their black and green teas are made from whole leaf teas, never powdered, which allow for more anti-oxidants and goodness in each cup. They believe the act of sipping a beautiful cup of tea is just as healing as the tea itself. So visit and try their organic teas for yourself. Make your day magical with a cup of Biron Tea!

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